Dr. Saleh in Somalia

This BBC audio slideshow displays how Dr. Omar Saleh, a surgeon working for the World Health Organization, makes an impact on the healthcare system in Somalia. Photographed and recorded by Kate Holt, it is a great example of using various multimedia elements to tell a story effectively through audio and pictures.

-photos should be displayed in a meaningful sequence-

-first photo should provide the essence of the story-

The beginning of the slideshow introduces Dr. Saleh and his purpose for being in Somalia.  The first photograph is of the landscape with goats that quickly transitions to a photograph of a child being held.  Then, another quick transition to a photograph of Dr. Saleh while in the audio he introduces himself.  The middle of the presentation shows photographs of various patients he has had to deal with and how he has helped them.

-last photo should provide a sense of closure-

The slideshow concludes with Dr. Saleh talking about how possible it is to help people with needs such as those in Somalia.  I feel that the concluding photograph is appropriate for Dr. Saleh’s ending views on foreign health care.  The picture of a child looking back while walking with two women wearing traditional dress, one with a basket on her head, adds a visual to his audio about respecting cultures and putting aside difference enough to really help other humans.

-sound and pictures should have a conscious relationship-

The most striking thing about these photos would have to be in the middle when the audience is shown the faces of people Dr. Saleh has helped.  They add a lot to the story because as we see the face of a three-year-old girl who had to get a tumor removed, we hear about how her procedure went.  I think this worked extremely well for this slideshow and was appropriate for the story.  There were definitely a good variety of photos: medium shots, full scenes, detail shots; there was also good use of fading transitions and a few zooms within photos.

-narrative often open with natural sound-

-including natural sound throughout adds an atmospheric dynamic-

The only natural sound was really at the very beginning with the photo of the goats and then of the child being held; the audio is of goats making sounds and a child crying.  If this were my slideshow, I would include more natural sound throughout the presentation.  One example might be in the middle while Dr. Saleh is talking about setting up the medical equipment, natural sound of the surgery tools could be interesting.

-audio slideshows should work well with or without captions-

There were no captions, however, I don’t think it inhibited the understanding of the story.  Many photographs, such as the ones shown while Dr. Saleh is discussing specific treatments, are described in the audio.  Aside from the lack of natural sound, this story was told well as a whole through descriptive audio and interesting photos.


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